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Are you a reader?


Hey everyone! Are you a reader? If you are, great! This is a place where you can meet my characters and my stories on various adventures. If you’re not, Don’t worry! This the perfect place for you too. Recently, I wanted to share my stories. I’ve been writing so many lately, typing them into my phone when I’m dragged to a family event or just sitting in a car waiting to get home. Wherever I am, I always wanted to share the magic of my stories with the world. I hope you like them! Additionally, These stories are meant to be completed and are my ORIGINAL work. If you’d like to share them, you can post the link. If you like them, you can hit like. Have a grammatical issue? Post it. Have a character issue? Post it. Have a question about the characters or my work? Post it. I’ll be sure to answer any questions related to my writing or characters. Happy reading!