Overview: I wrote this just now in a Chinese restaurant!  It’s a short story based on this picture. I tried to give it emotions and action. How is it?blair-fraser-15137.jpg

I looked up. A hideous carcass glared at me. A disassembled ship. Its pilot nowhere near. Ripped to shreds, its nose punched by the fleeting wind. Now, as I stood, I could hear the passengers screams carried by the tumbling desert shores. An engine cutting loose while the pilot kept hopes high. A balancing plane soaring down from the sky. Insect eaten, exposed; it sits. A distant memory engraved with windows of souls. Walking to the barbaric engine, I can feel its rusts and the burns still there. Burning my fingers with their sadness, for the souls they couldn’t save. Trailing my hand on the battered up metal, I wondered what the guide thought. What those who lost families felt. Would I ever end up like this? A lost memory. Valuable to some. History for most. Nothing more but waste to several. A plane. Left to mourn.