Blogging? Here’s some advice.


Storyspiller blog got 100 followers! Can you believe it?!! It’s just been 2 months and I already passed a hundred! First, I’d really like to thank my followers and fellow bloggers for following me and reading my work. I’m really happy I started. In fact, I’d like to share some tips with my followers to get their blogs going too!

Everyone asks how I get blogging. How do you get the time? Well, that’s it, blogging is mostly about time. The more time you invest in your blog the more you’ll get back. Another post that I read, suggested that you spend 2-3 hours to successfully blog. Honestly, 2-3 hours is a lot, but I think its important to just spend some time blogging. Even if it’s only a minute, use it well. Try to use your time blogging efficiently, because after all it’s quality over quantity.

Content. Everyone talks about how important content is and I’m going say it too. It is important. Remember, blogging is sharing your work with the world. It’s important that we use simple, understandable and relatable content on our blog. I’s okay if someone wrote something similar. They aren’t copying you. Think about what makes your post different. 

Audience. In writing, it’s very important to understand your audience. Who are you writing to? Who wants to read this? Maybe your aiming for a specific group. It’s important to create work that’s based on this kind of audience or group, otherwise, nobody will want to read.


Form. Are you writing in a list form? Perfect! Most people are scrolling through posts, so the normally like direct, short and straightforward posts. They like stories and poetry too. Try to compress your posts as much as you can.

Consistency. Maintain a schedule. Post every alternate day, but try to post frequently. If you post between months, not only does your blog slow down, but your followers never have anything to look forward to! Consistency is important for your posts too. Try to maintain that specific genre because it’s the reason your followers follow you!

Theme. A simple theme is the best. All it needs is legible font, background and simple directions. It needs to look nice, but not overly done or bright. Keep in mind, someone’s going to be reading, navigating and observing your site. You need to intrigue them.

Reply. Bloggers will comment on your posts. But if you don’t reply, it’s kind of offensive. Sometimes, I’m kind of upset that the blogger, who’s post I commented on, doesn’t reply, but simply hits the like button. People don’t like it. Not only that but replying to a comment goes a long way. in fact, I’ve started a conversation just by replying to comment on one of my posts. So next time you hit like, think about the other blogger.


As much as replying goes a long way, so does commenting. Like karma, the blogging world or any other world, operates in the same way. If you don’t like, follow or comment on anybody else’s posts, nobody’s going to do the same for you.

Tags. Tagging is important. On WordPress, it’s suggested that we use 6 tags which is the number I follow. Tags allow people to discover your posts easily, like Instagram does. By using tags you attract more people to your post and make it easier to categorize. Some people say to use a very common tag and others say to use the most unique ones. I try to use a mix of both. Common ones allow people writing the similar content to read, while complex ones limit the posts present in that tag, making your blog easier to find.

Make your title interesting. Its the first thing your audience looks at. Keep it short and simple.


Have fun. Remember blogging is for you. You’re the one who can start it and end it. If you don’t like your posts, neither will your followers. Blogging is about sharing your feeling, thoughts and helping the world. So the next time you start writing a post, think about why you blog in the first place.

Did I miss something? Please post it below!


16 thoughts on “Blogging? Here’s some advice.

  1. Hey there! These are great tips! But you forgot to mention that the same type of content is not always the best. I always look for a variety of posts on many different blogs. Some examples include writing, quotes, art, and maybe memes. 🙂

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