Time. It’s so precious right? Gone in a second, back in an hour. I notice it now. After she left.

The hours I spent lying awake in bed, remembering her smile. Staring at my textbook, reading the puzzle of pages, wishing she was here to help me understand. Teaching me. Her grin splashed onto her precious face, spilled across her eyes as she giggles at my gaping mouth. But she’s not here. Not now. Silence being her substitute, chatting away with his muted words, into my deaf ears. Hunching over my lab experiment, I wait for her to come. To see her face again, hear her voice and glance in her eyes. For the first and last time.

Here she comes. Surrounded by her army of girls, smiling and talking as she would. She avoids my gaze, walking right past my bench. My heart clinches. She turns. Her dagger-like gaze melts, as she takes in my face. Time has frozen for the both of us. Scanning each other’s expressions for a hint of disappointment. Nothing. Her face practically a swirl of emotions. A mirror reflection of mine.

Overview: I’ve been writing really short emotional stories lately, but I don’t know why. It’s like a phase I’m going through. It’s emotional and stuff but the real reason I wrote this, was to stress on the importance of small moments. Because in the end, those are what we remember the most.