“Can you please come home now?”

Joshua looked around, stuck his hand through and came out. Derisha smiled. Her husband was finally home.

Placing her smartphone on the floor, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

It had been forever since she smelt his minty aftershave scent. His round nose tickling her mousy hair. She giggled. Joshua smiled and slid his arms around her shoulders pulling her close. Finally. I’m finally home, she thought as she sunk into his warm embrace.

A phone buzzed and she felt his warmth leave her body. Pulling away, he strode to her smartphone and picked it up and frowned. Oh no.

He was putting his hand into her smartphone once again. Was he leaving her again? He pushed his arm in further, till his shoulder was practically touching the phone. Sticking out his tongue he moved the rest of his body around a bit. What was going on? He retracted his arm, throwing the phone to the floor and revealing a briefcase in his hand. “Sorry about that. National Emergency.” He cringed. Derisha bit her lip and rolled her eyes. Of course the nation was more important to him, but sometimes she wished he’d see the whole wide world was living with him.

Overview: The other day, I heard my mom commenting on how she wished my dad could come home through his phone. So I wrote a story in the future where people can travel through phones. It’s short and slightly confusing, but I hope you like it!