“Something new.”



“It’s just that there is no new, you know.”

I gawked at him.

“Yeah, new’s always a repeat of something that happened with a little twist. It’s just a past a event with a few adjustments and modifications becomes something new. But that something new never really existed. Because it’s already happened.”

“Okay.” I’d never though of that way. Something new had always be a fresh start. A place to go when I needed a crisp and clean beginning. Not a place which was the same. But that something new, did have something different. Maybe it wasn’t completely new. Or completely the same. Just slightly different. Maybe just smudged with my history. Just smudged, nothing more, nothing less.

Overview: I’m not sure what this is. I think it’s just my thoughts in one conversation and I sort of turned it into a dialogue. Something new is something everyone wants so I tried to provide some new perspective on what new actually means. Sorry, I haven’t posting lately, but I feel like I’ve lost my creativity or just the automatic writer in me. Ever since my birthday, I’ve felt this weird change in me. I’ve been doing things that I haven’t really liked to do, I think it’s weird to say, but maybe I’ve become more mature. It’s weird. I know. But, I hope you liked this piece! (even though it’s different from the others)