“Put down the gun.”

I glanced up, the gun still warm in my hands.

“What did you say?”

He shuddered, raising a pointed finger.  “I said, put the gun down.”

I shook my head. Not a chance. Not when he’d killed my sister and threatened to harm me. Not even if Jesus himself came down and begged me to. I wouldn’t put it down for anyone. I squinted at him and smiled. “What makes you think I’m gonna do that?” He shivered, slinking into the corner.

“I just thought…” He was stammering.

I banged my fist on the table. “What did you think? That I’d listen to you? That your words are magically going to make everything okay?”

He flinched.

Holding his hands out, he whispered, “No…I-”

“You think just one word’s going to bring her back? Make everything okay again?” My blood boiled. He had no right to say anything. He’d ripped my whole world apart and now it was my turn to burn his.

Overview: I was listening to a song again and the first words I heard were “Put down the gun.” Immediately, I started writing. Put down the gun seemed like an amazing story starting. Anyway, as I wrote I weaved it into a story about someone and voila! This is what I got. Hope you like it!