Her heart fluttered,. Like a string on a violin, it rang out in the eternal darkness. Then, Athena saw the light. It looped over, winding this way and that, spreading positivity everywhere, submerging her in a wild world. IT was beautiful. Birds flocked from one tree to another while a herd of elephants drank from a water pool nearby. Then she took a deep breath, inhaling the seat scents of the field below. It was truly beautiful. Flowers winded down the sidewalk, poppies rolling into a pile of tiny hearts, clustering together. Meanwhile, the sun spread its arms over the horizon spreading nothing but happiness and light as cotton candy clouds swirled in, creating perfect whipped cream peaks in the azure sky. Athena waved her arms. The garden was better than she ever imagined it to be. For it was a garden of beautiful books.

Overview: I think I was inspired by my bag for this one. So, I have this bag with a proverb on how “a book is like a garden carried in the pocket” and I think I read a book before writing this, so I poured all of my happiness into this story. In the end, I wrote this. Is it different from my usual work? Does my writing sound different? Hope you liked it!