Panting, I darted into the forest my heart on a wire as I jogged faster. Hoofbeats sounded behind me, their beats growing louder and faster by the minute, tossing dust at the sunny horizon above. Beyond on the thicket of trees, I could see a lone saddled horse standing in the sunlight. I came to a halt. Was it for me? Glancing over my shoulder, I calculated the amount of time I had. Under five minutes. Five minutes Cal. Just five minutes. Taking a deep breath, I positioned myself and waited. I counted to three. One. They were close. Veering into sight, rounding about the corner, coats gleaming in the single speck of light. Two. They reared their heads, eyes bulging with fright. Three. They saw me. I took off.

Running faster, I focused on the horse. Bay and nuzzled with a white blaze, a black waterfall sagged over its neck, blue reins gleaming against the brown saddles. It nickered. Nodding its head, it beckoned to me, almost as if, it knew me. It waved its head in the air again, grunting. It did. In fact, it seemed to recognize me.

I slowed to a walk. Glimpsing over my shoulder, I made my way over to the horse. Placing my hand under his nostrils, His puffy breath bounced against my palms and I turned to see the others.

They were gawking. Standing in a straight line, each one next to the other, eyes fixed on me, they stared. I don’t think they expected this. Honestly, neither did I. Patting him on his neck, he shivered under my touch. He didn’t expect this either.

A golden hilt hung from his saddle. Reaching over, I flipped it open and stuck my hand in. Tools of garden sorts filled the bag. Shovels, seeds, forks, each one as rusty as the next grime coating their handles. “Batch” embroidered the sack and as I read the name aloud, I felt the horse shift under my fingertips.

“Batch,” I said louder this time. He whinnied. Raising his high, he let out a shrill scream, his voice rising by the second. Immediately, I saw a ripple in the line of horses standing before me and the next thing I knew, every single horse was neighing back, eyes still focused on the impregnable horse before them, tossing their riders off, baring their teeth. I laughed. I guess they liked to chase as much as I liked being chased.

Thumping the bay on the shoulder, I pressed my weight against his shoulder. “Thanks,” I said. He nickered. Watching the rest of the riders twist and whine in agony, I hauled my self onto his back. It was time to ride.

Kicking him, I sunk into a steady trot. Spinning around, I faced the horizon and raised a hand in the air. “Come,” I commanded and like bugs to light, they threaded closer, nickering and grunting as they would. I pushed Batch into a canter. Together the other horses followed and as I made my way out of the goggling forest, I could imagine the scene unfolding from above. Horse cantering along, my hair flapping like a flag guiding them to eternal freedom.

I smiled. This was better than freedom. This was what eternal happiness felt like.

Overview: I wrote this thinking about horse riding. I think I was just genuinely happy and I ended up typing this into my phone. But I’m not sure where I got the inspiration from. It’s been weird lately, I’ll come up with a new story or idea but I don’t know how! I’ll just stand there thinking and suddenly, I’m weaving a new tale or coming up with a new drawing design. And I don’t even know how! It’s honestly weird. But still it’s fun. I’d stopped reading for a while, but now, I can’t stop either!

I’d also like to say sorry to my fellow bloggers. I haven’t been posting as often and with the stupid highschool drama, it’s been hard. I’m really sorry. That’s no excuse and I miss posting here and talking to you. I miss sharing my stories as much as I’d missed writing them and for that, I’m really sorry. I’ll try to post more often. I hope you liked this one!