Nora walked down the street. Buildings surrounded her. Tall and dark, they shadowed over her. The buildings surrounded her and everything felt and looked foggy and hazy. Had she cleaned her glasses? Or was it the hazy daytime fog settling around her? Slowly, She continued walking down the path, that had been set out for her.

Slowly light filtered through the bushes around her. Permeating the fog, it cleared the path in front. Flowers whirled about and she kept walking. Periwinkles, cherry blossoms, Madagascar vanilla flowers. Every single flower she’d seen lay in the bushes around her. A floral aroma twisted up her nose. Creak. The buildings were shifting. Dark and gloomy, the twisted and turned to show the lighted sky. What was that? Nora spun around. For a moment she thought she heard the flowers singing. Haha! Lala! Was she hearing things? Spinning around, she shook her head. “Stop being silly Nora.” she told herself.  

Looking ahead, she saw the building had moved out of her way. Instead, a lush green garden was growing in their presence. Green leaves slurred down and on the fresh ground. The earthly scents were stronger now. Walking along the path, Nora smiled to herself. She had finally found the light. 

Jingles sound in her ears. What was that? Nora widened her eyes. She blinked. No. It couldn’t be. The flower in front of her was singing. 

Overview: I wrote this a while ago. This flowered story  was amazing. Honestly, when I was writing this, my imagination was creating flowers and leaves. I think I channeled that into this story with a bit of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland’s ‘Flowers in the Garden’. I hope you like it!