Natalie looked around the hay yard. Hack stacks, dry leaves spurred about. A lone horse stood on the side, its mangy hair hanging on its shoulder with a tattered brown coat and stringy yellow tail. White splotched its skin and blue eyes rolled around in her sockets.

Mare was a beauty. Not an ordinary horse you see everyday. Farmer Joe had bought her from a nearby farm. Apparently, she’d won the Golden Cup for nearly 5 consecutive years. Running on the track, her hooves knew the dusty ground like a baby knows its blanket. Now, as Natalie looked at her tough hindquarters and muscular shoulders, she realized the horse hadn’t forgotten that part of herself.

Tossing her head high, Mare neighed, her shrill voice echoing around the rink. Immediately, the rink came to life with energy. Kicking up her legs, Mare started trotting around the rink flashing an unpolished smile. Bangs frumped over her eyes and she trotted around the rink. Picking up into a canter, she blinked and neighed. Natalie clapped. Squinting, mare stared at the brick wall and for a second, she shook her head. And then, she went straight for it.

Jumping over the wall, she landed with her hooves on the ground. she snorted. She knew she could do it. Natalie clapped again. Farmer Joe was right. Mare hadn’t lost her touch. Smiling, she jumped over the fence and ran over to the preening horse.

Mare looked down. Little Natalie was running over to her arms wide open. She neighed. Bending down, she felt the warm body sink into her mane and buzz with giggles.

“Natalie!” Mare looked up. There stood Farmer Joe and Natalie’s mother. “Natalie! Step away from that horse!” Natalie’s mother waved to her. Farmer Joe put a hand on her shoulder and whispered “It’s alright.”

Slipping his fingers into his mouth, he whistled loudly. Natalie pulled away as the big horse swung its head and trotted to wards the gate. In flash, farmer Joe had his hand patting Mare’s snout.

Natalie ran back to her mother. She tickled Mare’s nostrils. The horse snorted at her again.

Overview: I wrote this thinking about horse riding. I guess I haven’t been riding since I’ve been in New York for sometime now. I miss the horses and their farmer reminds me of my horse riding teacher. Additionally, this story has a changeover of character mindsets, with Natalie and Mare. I hope you like it!