Bella pressed a key. The chord echoed in the bar. Playing Happy Birthday, She grinned at the carnival masked faces around her. Smiling she kept playing. Suddenly, she stopped.

Someone was clinking their glass.

Standing up from the white table to the right a juvenile man spoke, “Could you play Wildside please?” For an awkward moment, the crowd fell silent.

What a strange request, thought Bella. She let out a breath of air. It oxidized. Patting down her apple colored skirt, she set about playing the keys as the tune settled in her mind. Playing the tune, she heard a murmur echo throughout the crowd. Banging her hands against the keys, she stood up and twirled around. “Everyone stop.” Like a cascading waterfall, the people at the back sat back in their seats and hushed themselves .

“What seems to be the controversy?” A man pointed at his son. “Chester, here, sprained his ankle.” She put her hands on her hips and pointed at the nearest waiter. “You- get some ice for him” She eyed the man eating the sassafras scented cake.