Music played in my ears and phone lights blinked around me. The auditorium was dark. Dark and gloomy. Then, the television came to life. Booming with energy, a spotlight came to life as a man, appeared on stage. Blinking out of my vision, a speaker blabbered as he stepped off stage.

 Blink! Lights sparked on stage and the television displayed an ad for anti- dandruff shampoo. Golden and red firecrackers stepped onto stage. Dancing,, they shook their little tooshies. The television woke up again. Another ad. Clapping their hands together, they jumped on stage, dancing and the jingled to the beat. They stopped.

Flipkart! India needs a reaction from you! Dancing to the music together, the kids danced on stage. Dressed in checked dresses and shirts with pants they raised their arms in the air, dancing to the beat. Lights sparkled around them. 

Mickey Mouse appeared on the screen. Tiny kids dressed in Mickey and Minnie costumes stood side by side. Toddlers, aged 3 and up danced together while, black t-shirted green labeled Shiamak people jumped nearby. 

The curtains came down. Rocking pink sparkly suits, 3d graders stepped onto stage, the speakers blaring with EDM Punjabi music. 

Red curtains and puppet pictures propped on the stage and the narrator explained the importance of teleshopping. I glanced up.

Yellow shirted teens stepped on stage. A blue screen, spurred int the background. Lights blinking with yellow and red, sparked on the stage. Similarly, red curtains pushed back on the stage, as center stage, danced his heart out. Spotlights white and sparkling danced their way through in a repeat pattern.

The television spoke again. Sports was the talk of the day.

Children in boxing outfits stepped onto stage. Orange, white and green flags waved in the backdrop as a gold panels rolled onto stage. Red and blinking, the rest of the lights blinked off stage. Wearing the Indian cricketing outfits, the players chacha-ed onto stage.

Dressed in orange, with orange bandannas on their heads, and black bottoms they kicked their feet up to the rhythym. Screens spinning with orange and white squares and black background jangled in the background. 

Animal planet was the televisions favorite channel.  

A video from Rio, pranced on the screen. Eggs followed by shimmering blue costumed kids spun on stage. From the back, I could see a tiny couple made up of blue jacketed boy and red bow tie girl spin around. 

‘Jungle party’ is what I would call this one. Army patterned their clothes screamed wild as they spilled their hearts out onto stage. Spotlight’s flowered in their wake. Trees patterned with green and brown cardboard slid onto stage. 

Indias got talent was playing on the stage now.

Time for KBC! White, block spurred on the stage. It was over before I could make any sense of it. 

Dressed in saris, girls hopped onto stage, their black buns propped on their heads. Red shirted, black pantsed boys stepped onto stage. Waving their brooms in the air, they stepped onto stage dancing.  

Knives in the air, the boys jumped around, capes in hand pirate music playing in the background.

Music strummed in my ears. Twister sparkled on the screen. Green coated with silver and orange, they danced on stage. 

Overview: I was at my brother’s dance show when I wrote this. I guess it was an attempt at describing dances at a minimal word count. It was different from the last time we saw it. Anyways, I liked the pajama dance the most ( my brothers) which I haven’t put up here but may in my next story. I hope you like it!