There sat the teacher. Glued to the screen, she gazed into the laptop mesmerized by the its intricate graphs of data. Dropping her pen on the floor, she eyed the student as the bell rang.

“It’s time to go!” Leading us to the lab, she smiled. I stopped grabbing my belongings, I realized something was missing. Within a nick of a second, I grabbed my water bottle and headed into the lab. There stood a teacher, his brown leather jacket shining in the spotlight. Holding a white pen, he ushered us up to the marble topped tables squiggled with diagrams, he gestured to the board.

“What is water potential?” He asked. “Other components are responsible for the movement of water.” “Atmospheric pressure is common for everything/” A million voices echoed through the lab.

Overview: I was sitting in class and I started jotting this down. Descriptive, I tried to bring you into the bio lab. I hope you like it!