I smiled at him and nodded, “Sure.” Fixing my cap, I let him lead the way.

A narrow pathway stretched out in front of us. Dappled with red tiles, it trailed the walls, jutting out into a walkway. Right behind him, I strutted, my backpack clinging to my back with a smile stuck to my face.

Arms up and out, I smiled. I felt like I was walking on a cloud as I looked at the horizon again. “What’s that?” Sand clustered on one edge of the hillside, cement lining around it. I shrugged. “Must be a mineral hold of some sort.” Still as happy as ever, I twirled towards the end of the rise.

Nearly a foot away, I spotted a small staircase. Taking his hand, I made my way down the staircase and onto the sandy path where a cow roamed. We waltzed over to the ticket counter, to find that one needed to take a vehicle to get to the restaurant.

Getting into the nearest cab, we shared a look. Clearly, this place had some strict rules. With the wind playing with my hair, I watched the landscape scurry past us.

The cafe sat at the end of the hill. Twirled with fairy lights, tables scattered every corner and beyond, I could see the buildings settling down into the grey mist. Trotting up the path and to the top, we found ourselves gazing down at the city, speechless.

Lovers pack cozy seats and as we made our way around the area, we tried to find a spot for ourselves.

“Here this way,” he said, leading me down the staircase and to a ledge. Stepping up, I pulled out my sketchbook glancing at the city below. I started drawing.

Wind flitted through his hair as the moon smiled down at us. Like a Cheshire Cat it had snuck out of its hiding place and into the sky, smirking as we sat side by side. I gazed deeply into my sketchbook, sketching the walls and pink shaded blue sky with my water bottle nearby.

“You there!” We spun around. A guard stood on top, screaming as he called us over. “You’re not meant to be sitting there!” He shouted. Getting the message, we leapt off the ledge and hurried up into the restaurant.

Grabbing the first empty table I saw, we reached for the nearest chairs. Yes! Pulling out my sketch book, I shaded the rest of the sky in, adding tiny details like the curve of the moon and the edges of the ledges. His presence loomed over me like a halo on my head. He smiled, almost laughing as I told stories while I drew. Hunching, he squirmed close enough to hear my voice as I described the millions of places I travelled, tales spinning like as if someone attached a record tape to my mouth. Just as fast as the words left my mouth, I finished my sketch. Blue, purple and brown, the almost night sky was just as I captured it on paper: a mix of everything.

Pushing my sketchbook into my bag, I smiled at him. The moon still shone on us and my heart beat like galloping horse hooves. Making our way out of the restaurant, we walked side by side, chit-chatting as I struggled to get service. Clearly, the phones struggled to operate so high.

Fiddling with my phone, I followed him out of the large iron gates and into the parking lot, the cow still roaming around, hunger gnawing at its stomach.

Now, a dark cloak spread itself over the sky, and as I watched the stars flicker in the distance, I wondered what our next adventure would be.

Headlights flashed in my eyes and before I knew it, we were in the car heading down and away from the castle of adventures.

Overview: I guess this was one awesome adventure! Pretty interesting considering the architecture and heritage surrounding us, but I loved the setting of the place! I mean who doesn’t love adventuring on a castle? Anyways, the main focus of the story revolved around sunsets. I hope you like it!