The sky shimmered over us. Cloaked in a pink hue, the sun sat in the distance blushing, as the moon struggled to come out. Following the path, we smiled at each other, wondering where we were headed.

We stopped. Another path winded out and towards the walls in the distance. Watching him skip onto the grey path, I smiled. It was time for an adventure. Hands out and wide, I followed him stepping off the red tiled road and onto the cemented one.

Giggling, we tip toed towards the gates. A peacock cawed in the distance. “Shhh…” Stopping, we pricked our ears, trying to make out a peacock in the distance.

Suddenly, it appeared. Its green and blue tail fanning out as it cocked its head, heading towards the right, on the run. We watched in wonder. After a minute, catching ourselves in the moment, we headed towards the gates, the sun almost setting. Stepping off the path, we found ourselves at the bottom of the gates. People gathered around, looking through the cannon holes in fascination. Skipping merrily, I smiled at him, my eyes twinkling with amazement at the place we had stumbled upon.

Leading the way, I tried to find the sun in the distance while catching the buildings below. Clearly, the sun was heading down into the depths of the sky. There. I found the perfect spot. At the tip of the walls, just a mile away from where we were at the start of this journey.

Turning our heads to admire the beauty around us, I found myself blushing in the soft breeze. Checking out the palace in the distance, he bumped my shoulder, “Want to check out the restaurant?” His eyes flickering with curiosity.

Overview: This is pretty much a continuation of my adventure and trip up the hill. The sunset was really amazing and pretty long. I hope you like it!