Picking up my bag from the ground, I took a swing from my water bottle and said, “Did we really have to come so high and far?” Glancing at the scenic view. He shrugged, “Best thing I could find so far.” Trudging up the pathway, he looked over his shoulder, “You coming?” Tossing my backpack on my bag, I smiled and nodded, skipping up the steep pebbled pathway.

“So I was at this restaurant and my dad was telling the funniest story…” Stopping for a break, we stood at the 10 meters away from the top, glancing at the view below. A river rippled in the distance, a castle reflecting the lake. A garden as big as a football stadium stood far and wide, gawking at us. From up here, the city looked distant and colorful. Music played from down below, as a fog settled over the buildings. Taking one last look at the buildings below, we headed up the path.

We finally reached. Whew. Stretching our hamstrings, we gazed up at the brown and yellow gates. Clearly, the place was a palace packed with entrances.

Following him out into a clearing, I smiled at the azure blue sky. Birds twittered in the distance and tourists of all sizes and shapes sat around us, smiling. Children played on the right, giggling like they were in the park. Just beyond, another pathway, with a cross bridge led to the other top of the castle. I pointed to the yellow bridge. “Wanna cross that?” He shook his head. “I’ll pass” with a glimmer in his eyes. A building loomed near us, the dark bricks rotting with age. Walking down the path, I spotted a sign. “You are under surveillance.” A shudder ran down my back as I looked around trying to pinpoint the hidden cameras.

Following the path, we found ourselves at sunrise point. Strolling up the tower, I glanced at the sky.

Like a golden coin, the sun dipped into the horizon, red and pink splashed onto the hazy blue. The wind brushed through my hair as I tightened my backpack straps.

Strutting up the tower, I found myself looking down at a hazy version of the city. Lights blinked in the distance and the foggy clouds danced over the buildings, waving as they jiggled over the horizon. People stood around us, clicking pictures, as the sky smiled down at us. Today was going to be a good day.

Following him out of the tower and back onto ground. I glanced him confused. The sky was still a pastel palette. Watching it change, I heard him say, “Why not head this way?”

Slowly, we found ourselves at a cemented pathway.

Overview: I just had the craziest adventure at a castle on top of a hill! It was honestly amazing! I guess I wanted to tell you about this adventure and sort of remind you, my fellow bloggers to prepare before you try something like this. I hope you like it!